I just wanted to let you know that the technician from Sandy Hamilton Plumbing and Heating was over today to help me with the issues I was having.  He was wonderful. He explained everything thoroughly to me so I would have a good understanding.  I feel much more comfortable knowing how things are working.  He worked extra hard trying to find the noise in the furnace.  Because of the ambient noise around us and the outside noises, it was difficult to say whether it was still present.  He tried several things he felt may be causing the unwanted noise.  I told him that if he didn’t see/hear anything out of the ordinary and it was throwing heat, then I wasn’t too concerned.  He did a great job!


We would like to thank you for coming when you did.  We expected our bill to be higher and we appreciate your helping us.  You left before we could ask you to join us for lunch!

Jim & Jean O.,

Thanks for doing such a great job.  Everything was left clean, and our water heat (temperature) is 100% better.  I also appreciate the time taken to explain how it works.

Cathie S.,

Your installers were here today and all is complete, looks good.  But also, I wanted to comment that the team were really good men.  They were polite, appearing very competent (I don’t know enough to know for sure, but I felt good about it), efficient in the process and informative.  They cleaned up the work site well.  Overall an excellent experience.  I wanted you to know.  I hope the unit performs as well as they did!

WJ Sutton,